i understand the futility of existence

i understand the importance of handing in homework on time

as it supplements and consolidates the material learnt in class,

and if not done in time, it causes me

to lose out on learning, not to mention

potential inconvenience for the marker

not handing in homework on time

hinders the improvement of myself and others

as it


can waste time

in a lesson. I understand that

I should make every endeavour to hand homework in

on time and if i face obstacles

in doing so i must address that problem sooner

rather than later and find a way around it

homework teaches self-discipline

and the benefit of independent learning

two things very important in all walks of life

just as teachers

make an effort to assist

in every aspect

of my learning i must also do the same, so i understand how

not handing in homework could be viewed

as direspectful

i am given

plenty of time

to complete homework tasks, despite

any difficulties i may face in doing so i

have adequate time to seek assistance so it is

my responsibility to manage

my time

effectively, i should not be reliant on

technology for completion

(of my homework) a reliance on technology twinned

with last minute completion of

homework is a recipe for disaster and i am to blame

for not avoiding the situation with better planning

and time management

i understand that if my own computer or printer is out of order

i have ample opportunity to

do so in school

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